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I would like to introduce you to our coolant swirl pot, suitable for 350z’s equipped with VQ35DE engine. 


This is the only bolt on kit on the market and fits on any aftermarket aluminium radiator. Please note that this kit is not compatible with plastic radiators. 


As the swirl pot is on the highest level of the coolant system, the bleeding procedure becomes a much easier task and creates a voltrex in the middle. The voltrex centralises any air pockets in the system and releases them through the pressure cap into the overflow tank. We have chosen  a 1.4 bar pressure cap.7F977386-8891-4699-8F48-3BE4F55AEFC4.jpeg.ab2d938ad7eba64fc2c1587abbc3e735.jpegBBEACFCF-118C-4D1A-AEA1-E98C2174F1BA.jpeg.dc39fe6cf7720a6d52e60cf8c572c21a.jpegC3E7C984-2F40-4304-BC7A-438B3D782514.jpeg.c1f5c9a29f570f0097c367f1a47309d4.jpeg8EB8EEA9-1614-4CB6-AC9E-9C717E322BE8.jpeg.1739c1f8a9a23461e56ad32fbba309b9.jpegC32D345A-22AE-477A-9BDE-8971ACEE537B.jpeg.fbf8706252b34977f87c0c4511fe62b4.jpeg

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