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Fluke's interior overhaul

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After a couple of false starts regarding leather colour (thanks for getting it wrong, supplier!), I finally have some interesting pictures of Fluke's interior bits and bobs! Firstly, the centre console:


















As you can see, this is a completely custom job in black leather with orange stitching (I promise the orange stitching is MUCH brighter in real life!). The whole console has been stripped and the relevant edges have been modified so everything still fits as it should do once the new leather cover has been fitted.


It's a much nicer piece of trim now it's all leather - it should give a nice classy air to the cabin.


Next: doorcards...

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Ian was very particular about the colour he wanted, aside from black: orange. Bright orange!
























The doorcards have been completely stripped of everything, then a bespoke black leather cover has been made and finished with orange topstitching. The insert and armrest are trimmed in a bright orange leather and finished with matching topstitch. The change is subtle but effective and, like the centre console, it helps to lift the interior beyond the vinyl and whatnot that Nissan used from the factory.


In total, each doorcard (including insert and armrest) takes around 13 hours to complete - that's a lot of work!! The other doorcard looks very much the same as this one, but I'll post some pictures of it in the next post anyway. :)

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3 hours ago, Hayd350 said:

Right up my street is this, when I've finished with the outside I'll give you a shout.:thumbs:

I like the sound of this. :)

1 hour ago, Kev said:

Love it. 

Thank you!

1 hour ago, Ekona said:

How the interiors should've been from day one.

At least the facelift doorcards are a little more interesting than the PFL ones. But a splash of colour and a lot of leather do make a big difference!

35 minutes ago, Sargara said:

You've nailed that. Is there anything being done with the dash to tie the lot together?

Not with the main body of the dash, no. The central fascia was originally going to be trimmed (the part that houses the aircon and auxilliary gauges) but I believe it's being hydrodipped now instead.

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Fantastic Work Si.:thumbs:


I am planning to install a face lift interior sand my plan is to get the steering wheel re-trimmed by RoyalSteering, have the door switches and rest of the center console dipped in gold carbon weave. I will be installing a tablet in place of the sat nav or I might go for a complete Brainiac tablet install (I havent decided yet) and  I have some body work that needs doing, so will get that done before I fit everything. I will post pictures when I have everything ready.


In the meantime this is what my interior looks like at the moment.






I had already done a spruce up a few years ago, including fitting 370z seats and a tablet install and having everything dipped in gold carbon weave.

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Looking good :thumbs:



That really stands out :) Excellent work :)



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