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  1. Yes its a UK HR. I was told that the Denso sensors would be fine =/ Unfortunately I don't have £500+ to spend on a pair of Bosch O2 sensors given that I'm in the middle of a mortgage application with all of the inherent additional charges that brings =(
  2. https://www.buycarparts.co.uk I was advised from various sources that Denso DOX-1447 are 350z compatible.
  3. Ok, a confusing update to this one! So to test the sensor theory I had the mechanic switch the sensors between banks. I got the fault again but this time it was on bank one so the other side, which I thought would confirm the theory that it was a sensor. I have purchased and had installed 2 replacement sensors, and a couple of weeks later I have the same issue again, on bank one. Is it possibly pure coincidence that the bank error switched sides when the original sensors swapped sides and actually the fault lies elsewhere?
  4. Hi there, which parts? Y pipe has just sold. Could post the decats for sure, would have to work out postage. Mid and backbox are quite large so might be problematic, would have to get a cost for it.
  5. I went with the Tanabe Medalion plus AAM Y pipe, it's definitely more civilised on cold start while still having a bit of bark when I'm being more free with the pedal. Zero drone too. Whilst I'm sad I don't sound like a racecar now, at least nobody will be complaining about me and prompting awkward questions about lack of cats.
  6. Did not know that! If they definitely fit I will post that part at least in the 370z parts section.
  7. Hi all, Having just had a shiny new system fitted in order to keep the racket from the neighbours down, I have various parts for sale, collection preferred. These came from an HR 350z which will affect decat compatibility. Berk decats / test pipes @ £90 - SOLD HKS Y Pipe - Sleeve is fraying (previous owner issues) but the flexible joints are intact and have not been scraped during my ownership, comes with used set of gaskets @ £100 - SOLD Cobra Mid Pipe SOLD Cobra Rear Box (NO MID PIPE) - Not quiet. With my decats I think it isn't too bad at low revs, but sounds like a racecar above maybe 3000, love the sound! Expect some drone in 6th between 55 and 65 unless you are running cats of some kind. Rough welds where alternative tips have been welded on by a previous owner, never caused any issues @ £60 Any questions just let me know =)





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